How To Clean Gloss Paint Brushes

Once you’ve finished painting, it’s time to properly clean gloss paint brush to keep them in place safely. It is very important to clean gloss paint brushes to stop painting your shed and garden storage. Cleaning the paint brush from time to time can make it last longer without spoiling it.

In order to maintain the condition of your paint brushes, it is not necessary to clean them after each use if you are doing the same thing, for example, the next day, you can just store them and be ready to use them as needed. In the short term. You can do this by wrapping paint brushes in cling film or airtight bag and securing them with duct tape or masking tape. This will keep the paint brush good to use for about 2 days.

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 How To Clean Gloss Paint Brushes:

First, you have to find out what paint you have used. Is it water-based paint or oil-based paint? In general, removing water-based paint from a brush is easier than removing oil-based paint. You don’t have to worry because we have come up with the simplest instructions for cleaning gloss paint brushes. Let’s take a look below to properly cleaning brushes with white spirit.

Once you have finished painting with a paintbrush, remove as much paint as possible from the brush to remove excess moisture. After that, you will have to wipe the paint off the brush with the help of a useless cloth or paper.

How to clean water-based paint

Water-based paint can be removed with warm or soapy water

1. Take a bucket of warm or soapy water and leave the brush to soak in it for a few hours. After that, remove the paint from the bristles of the brush with your fingers, again fill the bucket with warm/soapy water and rinse the brush. Drain the water and paint from the bucket

how to clean paint brush

2. Again, fill the bucket with water and rinse the brush thoroughly. Remove excess paint from bristles with your fingers. Repeat this process until the brush looks completely clean

3. Finally wipe the brush neatly with a dry cloth

How to clean paint brushes with white spirit

1. If it is a gloss paint that you have used, scratch as much paint as possible into the tin

2. Then pour the white spirit into the old glass jar and place the brush in it to soak. Press the sides to work the liquid into the side brush

how to clean gloss paint brushes

3. Leave the brush to soak in it for a few hours and fill the back jar with water and work the brush around again. Keep doing this until the brush is clean

4. Wash the brush under the tap and remove the paint. Then wipe the brush properly with a clean cloth and store it properly

5. Don’t spill the rest of the white spirit. Leave it in the jar until the paint accumulates on the bottom. Pour the clear liquid into a container so that it can be reused. Let the paint dry and then put it in the trash can.

There are brush cleaning tools also available in the market. You can use the paint comb that is designed to clean gloss paint brushes. The paint comb is specially designed to remove paint from the center of the bristles. This protects your hands from being covered with paint.

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Final Verdict

I hope you have got all your answers on how to clean gloss paint brushes. Just make sure you are wearing hand gloves while cleaning gloss brushes. You just have to follow the above steps so that you can clean and keep your paintbrushes in a good manner and cost-effective way. There are different methods for different types of cleaning brushes.

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